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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Do NOT Step To Bubba Ontario    

One of the Deadspin commenters pointed out an old classic: the Ron Mexico Name Generator.  I remember doing this previously (must've been back when ol' Ookie contracted herpes) so it's not new or anything.  But it's timely (again) and still a great way to burn 60-90 seconds.

Fun stuff that resulted:

  • My name, using Jeffrey, is Bubba Ontario.  That explains why I wanted the Predators to move to Hamilton so badly!
  • Great as Bubba Ontario is, I stand in awe of some of the other blog folk:
    • Alex: Kip Albania
    • Chas: Jean-Pierre Nova Scotia
    • Jesse: Danny Papua New Guinea
  • When you enter Ron Mexico, the resulting Ron Mexico Name is "Michael Vick."  Doh.  So much for trying to make the Webertubes fold in upon themselves.


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