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Friday, July 15, 2005

Iron Raffy Hairy Palmeiro    

I've been musing the past few days about Rafael Palmeiro's worthiness of Cooperstown.
Apart from having maybe the best moustache of my lifetime, he also has 550+ dingers and will soon have 3000 hits, both traditional shoe-in benchmarks for enshrinement next to Schilling's AIDS-infested sock and Katie Brownell's A-cup jersey.

Now that you're sitting next to me on the fast train to Hell, I'll tell you a secret:
Raffy's in the Hall. He's a no-doubter.

Need some evidence? Here's the best evidence you could ever ask for.

Still don't believe me? Then take the little blue pill, and wake up safe and sound, back in your bed, with this man's condom stuck in your...


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