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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Burpin and Putin    

I object to shenanigans (tm) being declared without providing justification.  I agree that something stinks about this, but I'm not really sure what I don't like about it.  It most likely is a variation on "WTF is Kraft meeting with Vlad Putin for?!?"  The obvious implication is that Kraft is getting something in return from him, but what?  I'm less concerned about him getting a ring.  It's not like it cheapens the value of everyone else's rings or something... winning three out of four Super Bowls does that.  (Sorry, couldn't resist.)  I just want to know, in the name of full disclosure to all Patriots fans, what kind of devil's bargain Kraft has made.  Stoli on the rocks available at Gillette Stadium concession stands?

Also, if Peyton really wanted to tap into the alleged karma void, he would change his name to Putin Manning.  But that won't happen.  After all, he seems perfectly satisfied winning dodgeball games on Battle of the Gridiron Stars.  Why mess with success?  (Peyton, consider yourself slapped.)


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