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Monday, June 27, 2005

7 strategies for highly effective stadia    

So I read this morning from Gammons that the Phillies' Citizens' Bank Ballpark has the highest home/road run split in the majors, tied w/the legendary Coors Field (aka Neagle's Tombstone). I've been arguing for a while that the Phillies big problem (besides the curse of William Penn) is that pitching at home is impossible, which leads to corner-nibbling pussies afraid to throw a strike. Nice to have it confirmed by two authoritative sources, Gammons and Manny Ramirez, who hit a positively Knoblauchian grand slam yesterday to cap a brutal sweep of the Phightins.

Clearly, the Phillies don't know as much about stadium design as the Padres, who took a page from Gitmo when it comes to treating opposing relief pitchers. Relief indeed.

This week the Junkees head to Baltimore to hopefully, sweep, thus putting the AL East race out of question for good.


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