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Monday, June 20, 2005

Issue #1: Skip Useless    

Is there a worse sports columnist than Skip Bayless? He's the Sean Hannity of the sports world. And I want him brutally horsewhipped.
Who's coming with me?


  • There's a popular book out right now called "On Bullshit," which examines (quite seriously) the difference between lying and bullshitting. One of the main tenets of the bullshitter is that he doesn't think he's bullshitting. The bullshitter sincerely believes he's telling the truth.

    Skip Bayless is the premier bullshitter in sports media today. He writes/speaks the most asinine, humorless, contrarian bullshit imaginable, and acts like he believes it. His viewpoints are so ridiculous that one cannot possibly read him more than once or twice before losing patience with him and his psychotic worldview. He has all the legitimacy of McCarthyists and book-burners. The level of contempt he holds for his writing subjects is sickening (though it doesn't approach the level of contempt I hold for him). He's the guy who enjoys picking fights with people without considering the consequences of his actions.

    And yet he's taken seriously. His primary function is to have his face laughed in, but people out there apparently listen to him. That's the sad part. But this is all further proof of's continued decay into irresponsible tabloid journalism. They've been on a downward slope since they realized people were reading them. And, of course, they wouldn't think so. Because they're bullshitters.

    In summation, Skip Bayless represents the lowest common denominator... of feces. Which, coincidentally, is what he can eat.

    By Blogger Jeff, at 2:14 PM  

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