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Monday, June 20, 2005

NBA Finals? Meh.    

Having watched only intermittently until the fourth quarter, I haven't got a lot to say about Game 5... but if I did, I'd have the title covered: "Ben Wallace Balls." Unfortunately the Pistons lost, so I might have to switch to my runner-up, "Vino Ginobili." Unfortunately, you need to be familiar with Italian wine, sex toys, and NBA basketball to understand what I'm talking about, and how many people have those three skills? Not many. (Take-home lesson: I'm awesome.) Actually, I do have a few big thoughts.

1) Big Shot Bob. Good god. 13 points in the 4th quarter?!? A statue-of-liberty jam over Rip Hamilton? The 3 with a man in his face with 5 seconds left in OT? Horry will never get a plaque, but he deserves some kind of recognition in the Hall. A permanent exhibit... stick all of his game-winning shots in a pile, and put a little card on each ball with the date, opponent, and final score. That's how many big games were decided on his shot. He's in rarefied air with this clutch shit. Jordan and Miller are the only two guys who would hit that shot every time like Horry does. Wow.

2) I just heard Al Michaels say that Chris Webber is in the Palace tonight... he sure is, and he's wearing Duncan's uniform. I'd been skeptical of the whole what's-wrong-with-Duncan story that's been developing over the last few weeks, but after watching this game I'm not sure there's another conclusion to draw. The numbers are up, but good lord... missing 3 of 4 free throws? Blowing the tip as time expired in the fourth? The turnover when Big Shot Bob passed off to him in OT? Zoinks, yo. Those free throw troubles have come up and bit him in his Virgin Islands, haven't they?

Speaking of which, it's interesting to me that Shaq still can't live down his free-throw rep, while Duncan's only marginally better and yet is perceived totally differently. I think it's just as big a weakness with him as with Shaq... why not just hack him (as the Pistons did late) and take your chances at the line? He shot 67% during the season.

3) Does Billups realize he has teammates? He keeps calling his own number. It's working, though, so maybe it's not a problem. And I can't truthfully say he ought to pass off to Ben Wallace instead. I'll shut up now. Good game.


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