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Monday, June 27, 2005

MLB Heavyweight Champion    

I was late to discover this, seeing as we're three months into baseball season, but tonight I stumbled upon the MLB Heavyweight Championship (right-hand sidebar, scroll way down). The premise is to determine who would be the MLB champion if the title were decided boxing-style: if you beat the champ, you get the belt. For example, the World Champion Boston Red Sox lost their belt to the Yankees in the first game of the season. So at that point, the MFYs were the "champion." Of course, the Sox reclaimed their belt on their way out of town, but promptly lost it again to Toronto in the next series. Then Toronto lost the belt to their next opponents, and so forth. The Blue Jays, coincidentally, are the current "champion," having regained the belt today by knocking off the Nats. This means the ultimate champion will be from the American League... so the Sox still have a chance to repeat.

Anyway I thought this was neat. Better than writing about how Braden Looper deserves to have federal agents raidin' his pooper. I mean, does he realize that he's supposed to get people out????? The Mets need a closer, stat. I hear they have a good relationship with Tampa's front office... maybe they can hatch a David Wright/Danys Baez trade! Just like the Kazmir-Zambrano trade! Say, whatever happened to Kazmir?


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