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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

In Honor of Tony Womack    

I think Sean Connery said it best in Michael Bay's seminal action extravaganza The Rock:

"Womack! Why am I not surprised, you PIECE OF SHIT???"

Best quote in the movie. NOBODY screams "Womack!" like Connery. Not even Brian Cashman. It'll take him months to get the inflection down... I know this because I tried. I've gotten pretty good at it. Womack!!!! Hehehe. Someone at WFAN should cut that quote and play it whenever their hosts come back from commercial.


  • Ohhh if you go to Shan Franshishco...

    By Blogger Chris Doucette, at 2:16 PM  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Alex, at 3:56 PM  

  • make sure you throw some gasoline in womack's hair...

    The Shit List (by VORP):
    786. Marquis Grissom SFN -7.3
    787. Aaron Boone CLE -7.7
    788. Chris Burke HOU -8.1
    789. Roger Cedeno SLN -8.1
    ***790. Tony Womack NYA AL -9.4
    791. Miguel Olivo SEA -10.5
    792. Cristian Guzman WAS -13.4

    By Blogger Alex, at 3:58 PM  

  • Dear Aaron Boone,

    Suck it.


    By Blogger Jeff, at 4:19 PM  

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