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Monday, June 27, 2005

Bogut that doobie    

Why am I very afraid for the Bucks, and very glad the Hi-JKnicks didn't score the #1 pick? When you're lauded for being able to dribble 80 ft. without bouncing it off your foot...

from ESPN's Andy Katz:
"On the court, Bogut dispelled some knocks on his athleticism by dribbling the length of the court without fumbling. He also went through the hour-long workout without a water break.
Bogut is hardly soft, and he plays the post with force and tenacity. He did tire a bit near the end, leading to a few missed free throws, and some doubts afterward.
Bogut: "I just can't hit free throws."
Babcock: "You know what? That's the least of your worries."
Bogut: "No, it's not."Babcock: "You know why? Because that stuff you'll improve on. Just takes a little work. What do you think the issue is?"
Bogut: "It's mental, man.
Babcock: "No, it's not all mental, it's not all mental." "


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