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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Large Object Hurtling Towards San Diego    

The city of San Diego is about to double in size, because they just acquired Sidney Ponson.  The end of an era!  Phil Nevin is a great addition though for the O's, much better than Mike Lowell would have been.  Nevin is an intelligent contact hitter who will play a decent defensive 1B and complement the other hitters in the lineup nicely.  And they were getting absolutely nothing out of Ponson, so to get a productive (enough) bat at first and be bailed out of the contract is an enormous coup.

But the Orioles are not the only benefactors; the state will be reaping a financial benefit also.  Sure, Maryland's chicken farmers will take a big hit, but because the state has risen 20 feet since Sidney left town, we have gained another 500 acres in valuable beachfront real estate.  Sure, Ocean City's boardwalk is now two miles from the water, but the price of a new home along brand new Sidney Beach should be as high as Sidney's annual salary.


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