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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


OK, show of hands... who thinks LeBron is leaving the Cavs?

[hand raised]

I figure he's a goner unless Cleveland makes a big playoff run.  Larry Hughes/Donyell Marshall makes them formidable, and Eastern Conference contenders, but if they don't catch fire, and their coach doesn't make much of an impression on him (or his entourage) then he's bolting.  I think he's too smart to not know how important it is, on a personal level, to be in a marquee city.  If the Cavs don't make a huge leap, he's not gonna bolt himself down to their franchise.

They still need a point guard.  Maybe they sign Damon Jones or something.  That would, I think, push them over the edge.  I have serious problems with Jones (I don't think he's anywhere near as big-time as he thinks he is) but he's gotta be better than Jeff McInnis, and with that kind of talent at the other starting positions it doesn't matter that Jones isn't that good.  If his two jobs are a) feed LeBron, Larry and Donyell and b) shoot the 3, he'll do the job.  They should land a home playoff series with that lineup.  But if they don't address the PG situation somehow, they're not that much better off.


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