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Friday, December 08, 2006


What?!?  Pessimistic on Matsuzaka?!??!?!?!?  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Goddamn Boras.  What an absolute ass.  Assuming there's something to this, I can't say I'm stunned that he's taken the "chicken" approach to contract negotiation, and that he's apparently betting on litigation against MLB as his response to Boston taking their money back.  He's been aiming to sue MLB over any mechanism that isn't free agency for a long, long time, and he appears to have his golden ticket now.  Great.

All I'll say is that if lawsuits are his ultimate strategy, he'd better be goddamn positive he can't lose.  I seem to recall Maurice Clarett having it shoved it up his ass sideways by the NFL.  The NFL doesn't even have antitrust shit to hide behind like MLB does, and they still won, in what was considered a big surprise at the time.  Further, Clarett actually had a valid argument!  What's Matsuzaka's beef gonna be?

However... I'd feel fine about losing Matsuzaka so long as it leads to the public shaming of Scott Boras.  I would love to see him lose business and negotiating power over this shit.  Hell, I have half a mind to call Larry Lucchino right now and tell him not to even try signing Matsuzaka, just to see Boras get it in the pooper.  There's my silver lining... Matsuzaka fails to sign, but Boras screws the whole thing up royally, costing Matsuzaka and Seibu about $100 million between them.  That would be excellent.

OK, so I'm being ridiculous.  Just a thought...



  • Oh sh1ts

    Maybe that's real. Maybe they are about to sign him for 5/60. In which case, I retract everything I said.

    So, anyone else figure that Boras read my post, felt shame, and acted in kind? He couldn't STAND the thought of me hating him any more than I already do, and decided to do something about it! I guess the Internets really do work!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE*

    * - unless it's a hoax, which I'd put at about 50-50 at the moment

    By Blogger Jeff, at 6:00 PM  

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