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Monday, July 25, 2005

Abort! Abort!    

The subject refers not only to what Mrs. Ponson should have done, but also to the D.O.A. Sir Sidney/Phil Nevin trade.  I have to say, as a Sox fan I rejoice over Ponson staying in the division.  As a Maryland resident, however, I continue to be concerned about whether the state food supply will last the year.  Sidney!  Your suspension... continues!


  • O's are dead in the water.... it was fun while it lasted.

    By Blogger Jurassic Carl, at 8:19 AM  

  • I'm not writing them off yet. They sure look dead, but the Red Sox looked dead last year, so I'm not counting them out.

    The main culprit seems to be the lineup, not the pitching... the rotation has been downright human, but when they're scoring something like 3 runs per game (according to Comcast) it doesn't much matter how they pitch.

    To me, that's good news. They can get back on track offensively w/o making huge changes, especially now that Javy Lopez is back from the DL. They will score runs again, even without Phil Nevin... and honestly, is he gonna be much of an upgrade over Gibbons?

    If they were to acquire Burnett without giving up Hayden Penn, they'd be the deadline winners for sure. I get the feeling that Florida is negotiating themselves into a position where they could be stuck with both Burnett and Lowell if they're not careful. If it gets to the weekend, and there's still no deal, Baltimore could swoop back in and offer to take Lowell if Florida drops their demand for Penn. If it came to that, I bet Florida would take that deal. That would be a HUGE win for Baltimore, my opinion of Burnett's long-term prospects notwithstanding.

    By Blogger Jeff, at 10:49 AM  

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