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Friday, May 12, 2006


Since living in Berkeley for a year, after the Yankees, I generally root for the A's.
I've generally relegated the senior circuit to a non-factor, other than wondering when Pujols will make the leap to AL-DH-NY.
That said, I have to admit, in the last year, I've become a Phillies fan.
Yes, I realize that being a Yankees/Phillies fan pretty much wraps up my reputation as an ignorant, belligerent asshat, but so be it.

I recently received a 6 game ticket package as a present, including games vs. NY-A and NY-B, and I'm pretty excited about it.

I gotta say- being a Phillies fan right now is FUN.
They have one of the best, most accessible, affordable ballparks in the game.
They have grass-tiled bathrooms.
They have dollar-dog-night riots.
Sure, they don't have Thome anymore, and he's been a beast, but Ryan Howard has done his best to make that pill sweeter to swallow.
Plus, they have Aaron Rowand.
This Aaron Rowand.

That play last night was sick. Just awesome all around. He crashes to the ground, and even as the blood starts to flow and his legs start to quiver uncontrollably, he's squeezing the ball, making sure he's still got it.
Awesome play.


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