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Saturday, August 19, 2006

An Apology    

Upon further reflection, I take it all back. Josh Beckett's execution on national television isn't even REMOTELY sufficient to make me feel better.

When, I wonder, will he actually give something back to the team that traded so much to get him? Beckett should be ashamed for soiling himself so utterly, and so completely. Fuck him forever. (I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Theo Epstein for locking him up through 2009 with an absolutely untradeable contract. When Theo quit the team to go into philanthropy with his brother, I didn't imagine he meant this. There are more mentally retarded folks)

The last three games have been the most gutless stretch of Red Sox pitching in ten years. Just gutless. Sox pitching hasn't been this bad lately. This is Kansas City bad. It's Tampa Bay bad. Out of all those guys... they're ALL PITCHING AT THEIR ABSOLUTE WORST AT THE SAME TIME?!?!? Losing I can handle, but losing like this, in your home stadium, to the Yankees, is unconscionable. Jon Lester and the rookies can be forgiven their failures, I guess, but I cannot imagine what the other idiots think their excuse is.

I have waited, patiently, all season long for them to play as well as I think they can. I have pointed to their winning percentage in spite of their struggles and underachievement, asserting that they will "turn it on" eventually. I defended their inaction at the trading deadline as a calculated decision.

But after today, they don't deserve the benefit of the doubt anymore. They hurt me this weekend. They laid down like Brian Bellows. In fact, fuck it: it's Jim Mora time.

I pray, I really do, that this is all part of an elaborate scheme for Tito Francona to turn to his players, ask "Scouts???", and watch it all turn around. Maybe that will happen. It could. But I'm not holding my breath for these pussies. Not this year. Maybe next year.


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