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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

dorA the Excuser    

This from the NY Post:

"For the first time, he revealed that during the first four months he was coping with injuries that, perhaps, should have sent him to the DL, but that he could not go due to the DL devastation already ensnaring the Yanks. He would not disclose what the injuries were. However, he said, that the problems caused both terrible throwing mechanics and a change in his swing that led him to constantly get beat with even tepid fastballs. He admits that on defense he still needs to regain his aggression, but that his swing is back and "I can see the light at the end of the tunnel."
He added, "This is the best I have felt all year" and explained that, because of that, it feels as if he "just finished spring training" and is ready to tackle the season.
"My season starts now," Rodriguez said. "In this town, it doesn't matter what happened earlier. No one will remember."

Whether or not you believe Mr. Rodriguez at all (I do), he's likely to get hit with the criticism that he's just making up excuses. I'm not sure many (Manny?) other players would get that same criticism, but not many other players would cheat-slap at a ball in the biggest game of their lives, so I guess it's ok to give him some shit. Personally, I think the court of public opinion will level judgement based on the outcome of the upcoming five... yep, count 'em FIVE game series in Beantown. If dorA comes up huge, the strokefest is on. If he has an off week, the chokefest is on. There's no middle ground, cause in the talking head business, shades of grey don't pay the rent. Ain't nothin going on but the rent.

Here's hoping he has a hell of a week. This team is looking really, really good right now, and Gary Godzilla may be getting close to returning.

For those keeping score, that would make the postseason lineup look a a little like this:

Jeet Spirit
Giambi (switched w/dorA against righties)

Add in Melky as a supersub outfielder and Wilson spelling Giambi in the field occasionally, giving Sheffield/Giambi split time at DH, and you've got the best lineup in the majors by a Mrs. Bernstein-like expanse, in my opinion. Even if Godzilla doesn't make it back, Melky in the 8 hole ain't bad.

Oh, and last night Farnsworth hit 104 mph. I swear, it's true. They showed the stadium radar gun sign and everything... :)


  • Still a terrible, terrible defense, but that's hardly the most important thing. Pitching's the question mark, like it has been every other year recently that you didn't win the world series.

    By Blogger Jesse, at 11:09 AM  

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