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Friday, August 04, 2006

Dempster Squirts On Cards Fans    

Excellent post over at Deadspin about Greg Maddux and Ryan Dempster.  In fact, it's a double-whammy of excellence:

The Content: Greg Maddux not only farts on Ryan Dempster, but they discuss the practice.
The Accompanying Photo: Dempster approaching Cardinals fans, 1980-themed signage in tow, in the Wrigley bleachers last weekend and spraying them with a hose.

Bravo, Mr. Dempster.  You're an American hero.  Of course, that couldn't have happened 1000 miles to the east, for two reasons:

1) In an equally-fierce rivalry on the East Coast, those soaking wet bastards would've started a fight.
2) It's been so hot over here that the water would've sublimated before reaching its target.


  • Water can't sublimate. It evaporates. Only solids can sublimate.

    Didn't you major in chemistry?

    - Snots McGee

    By Blogger Chris Doucette, at 3:31 PM  

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