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Friday, August 04, 2006

J-Lo Coming To Boston?    

Looks like the Sox are picking up Javy Lopez.  They'll only pay about half of his salary for the rest of the year, and give up a highly replaceable player from the 40-man roster.  The idea that he will so much as talk to our precious young pitchers, let alone handle them, terrifies me, but it's gotta be better than having Doug Mirabelli or Ken Huckaby (Sal Fasano, but with even less talent and zero charisma) splitting duties.

Nice that nobody is likely to block the move.  I wonder if being in second place by a game or two won't end up helping us in the end, given that we'd have waiver priority over the Yankees all August long.  At the very least, I hope Theo is making the most of our current standing to get some waiver work done.


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