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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Yay Bruins!    

The Bruins did something good again! They signed their #1 draft pick, C Phil Kessel, instead of letting him go back to the University of Minnesota. Nice job of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

Get used to that face. That's his O-Face.

Kessel should be in for an intriguing battle against Marc Savard for the #2 center spot behind Peter Bergeron. If the battle is at all close, I'd probably prefer to have both of them on the second line with Glen Murray, putting Savard out of position on the left wing. (The top line of Marco Sturm/Bergeron/Brad Boyes is probably set in stone.)

Given that Kessel's supposed weaknesses are personality and defense, the coaching staff might try to "teach him a lesson" this season by sticking Kessel on a checking line. Having lived through the Joey Bananas era, I sincerely hope they don't take that approach.

Anyway, this is genuine, unqualified good news out of Bruinsland... a rarity that must be savored like a fine wine. (It has a light finish, dry, with hints of oak and mulberry.)


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