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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wait, What? Basketball?!?    

Camp opens next week?  Oh boy!!!  Finally, I'll be able to hold something over Lehr!  It's a shame how neither of us cares too much about it, but hey, you take what you can get.

When we last left our heroes, I was less than thrilled that Danny Ainge chose Sebastian Telfair over Randy Foye and Brandon Roy.  However, after much reflection, I have decided that DA has accrued enough Postgame Spread "Benefit Of The Doubt" points over the last couple years to earn himself a break.  So I will stay positive about our point guard situation, which has a collective shooting percentage reminiscent of Doug Mirabelli's batting average, out of loyalty to DA.

Beyond that, they appear to have all of last year's problems.  Too much youth.  Not enough defense.  Few rebounders.  Doc Rivers.  Veal Scalabrine.  And the eternal question of which Paul Pierce will show up this season: the good one, or the evil one?  Having real point guards will help, but not enough.  They needed a grown-up.  They needed Sam Cassell, not Sebastian Telfair.

Regardless, the division is still a little light on talent, so I could see them contending for a playoff spot again.  But we all know Doc's gonna hold them back, so that's the end of that.  At least they'll be better than the Knicks.  Booyacka!


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