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Friday, September 08, 2006

Optimist Report, Sports 2k6 Edition    

Ok, there's a ridiculous amount of good vibes being sent my way lately from the sporting world, so I thought I'd take a moment to take stock of it all for my own savoring sake. And speaking of savoring sake, the #1 story is:

Gojira returns! (see what I did there? sake/sake? get it?)
I passed at the last moment on going to this game, which was up in Trenton, where $9 scores you front row box seats for a playoff game, and am pissed that I did. Would have gotten to see my man hit live pitching, and a GW RBI to boot. And oh yeah, Philip Hughes striking out 13 in 6 innings.

Anibal Sanchez' no-no. I've been enamored of this guy since early last year, when he was in low-A ball, striking out about 2 batters per inning, and looking ridiculous while doing so. He represents the first prospect I've followed ridiculously closely (checking box scores every week), and it feels great to see him succeed, and even better that it's not for the Sox. Now if only the Fish can win another World Series, then we can get him on the Yankees after their fire sale. Maybe trade PavaNO for him? :)

Bill Simmons, and King Kaufman, the only two sportswriters whose columns I read and enjoy regularly, have both picked the Iggles to make the playoffs. Awesome. One of my favorite aspects of being in Philadelphia is how obsessed with the Iggles this town is. With the death of Ice Hockey, it's become even more so. And it's just not as fun when they suck. Its WAAAAY more fun when they lose in the playoffs.

Fast Willie Parker is still fast (115 yards rushing last night), and Daunte Culpepper still sucks (2 INT, one returned for a TD while he watched). I root for the little guys, and Fast Willie is the littlest of guys.

Oh, and did I mention that Ryan Howard guy? He's pretty good too. Screw Pujols, give my man the MVP. I believe it would be the first time a rookie of the year won MVP the next year since McGwire. Anyone wanna check that for me?

All that, plus basketball season is still months away, and the draft is a distant memory, so I barely even think about the Knicks these days.


  • oops - i left one out.
    Bob Uecker has a stalker.

    By Blogger Alex, at 12:10 PM  

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