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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


August 4-20: 3 for 17 against Oakland, Tampa Bay, Texas, Oakland, and Anaheim.

August 22-29: 7 for 8 against the Yankees, Boston, and Anaheim.

On August third, the Mariners were looking potentially resurgent, awaiting a series against Oakland that could bring them above .500 (where they would be already without the majestic in-game idiocy of their fearless leader) and potentially move them into a virtual tie for the division. Well, not quite, but you get the idea. All Mariners fans were wary of our past record vs. Oakland, but excited about how the team had been playing and hoping that Gil Meche could hold it together well enough down the stretch to keep the rotation reasonably effective.

Instead, the Mariners embarked on 14 straight losses against the division, broken up only by a sweep of the Kazmir-less Devil Rays, that decisively ended their playoff hopes. Season over, bring up the kids, who cares? Another 90 loss season, despite a dramatically improved team over last year's and a weaker division. Disgusting really, but there's always next year. Only we just won 3 straight series' against the Yankees, Red Sox, and Angels (who I think are the best team in the AL West, not Oakland). And it happened with swagger. Granted, the injuries on the Red Sox right now make them hardly the team they usually are, but what a shift!

I've been looking for a quote I read about the losing streak, where Sexson I think said that after the early losses their confidence was so low that it just fed the losing. If so, I hope this teams gets a goddamn backbone sometime in the next year or so. Losing streaks begetting low confidence begetting losing streaks is a pretty time-honored tradition in baseball, but this team is better than that. Get it together.


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