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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Clearly I'm Thinking NBA Today    

The Celtics' 06-07 season is pivotal for many reasons.  Fortunately, the recently-extended Paul Pierce's situation is not one of them.  But there are plenty of reasons why the Celts' season could go in either direction:

* Doc needs to resist his inner retard, NOW, and stop hiding behind his players' inexperience
* The Celtics, to a man, need to rebound and D up way, way better
* Danny Ainge needs to make a run at Kevin Garnett.  Time to cash in some prospects.
* Ryan Gomes and Delonte West need to justify their playing time
* A downright emaciated Al Jefferson needs to either grow up or show some signs of "getting it"
* Sebastian Telfair and Rajon Rondo need to play up to expectations
* Who's the #2 option on this team?  Szczczczerbiak?  Delonte off the bench?  Jefferson?  Gomes?!?
* If this team stumbles out of the gate, will DA do the right thing and revoke Doc's license?

Doc's fate will dictate the outcome of a lot of those issues.  Look at the list.  Rebounding and defense.  Organization on offense.  Smart decisions.  Reliable roles.  Players reaching their potential.  Youngsters' respective trade value.  The coach affects each of them.  Doc is a brutal game manager, and an even worse talent evaluator.  If this bunch doesn't get its shit together this season, in some tangible way, I see no way that Doc can justify his performance.  None.

Since Doc is as unpredictable as a mental defective running wild through an asylum, I have no idea what to predict for this team.  I tend to lean towards just-below-.500 as a prediction, but I could see anywhere from 48 to 28 wins out of this team.  I do, however, like them for a de facto second-place finish.  They could finish second with 30 wins, but hey, second place is second place, right?


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