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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Time to Fire Bavasi    

Well, the timing of this is unfairly dictated by one lopsided trade, but I’ve had enough. Reading this just makes me want to scream. I know Bavasi was in a tight spot, but I don’t trust the guy anymore, if I ever did. I think he does some things well and that some criticism of him is overblown, but I don’t want him anywhere near my baseball team anymore.

So, I’m officially joining USS Mariner’s campaign, not that anyone will give a damn or anything. But from their description, Antonetti really does sound like the guy you want, so I’m fully onboard. If only Paul Allen would buy the Mariners so it could actually happen.

Chris Antonetti in ’08—or even in ’07 if we can swing it. Bavasi, if you can offer me one present before you go, sign Ichiro to that extension. I can’t stand the thought of him manning CF in some other city, even if he starts declining.



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