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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Raise Your Hand, Raise Your Hand If You're Sure    

I bet if J.D. Drew raised his hand, the whole arm would fall off.  And then steroids would spew all over Scott Boras' suit.  ("Oh, sure! Sure! Sure! Like the guy in the $9000 suit is gonna pick your arm up off the floor!  COME ONNNNN!!!!!")

To recap, the J.D. Drew watch is now at Day 51.  Agreement reached on December 5th, still unsigned on January 24th.  The bum shoulder appears to be the sticking point in finalizing the deal, until further notice.  I seem to recall making some kind of argument against signing Drew on the grounds that he's injury-prone... that notion is corroborated by this delay, as well as by the fact that nobody else is swooping in with a better deal.  So Drew probably ends up with a Pudge/Magglio deal... if Drew misses time b/c of the shoulder, he loses salary.

If Drew actually does get hurt, he's gonna look awful stupid for opting out of his totally-guaranteed Dodger contract.  Gotta think the opt-out was done at Boras' insistence, based on how that market looked and based on all of Drew's previous adventures in negotiating obnoxiousness.  I wonder if Boras will accept the blame if Drew ends up with a raw deal out of it...


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