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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

How Vernon Wells Won ME Over, Too    

Vernon Wells is awesome.

By tossing those assholes a baseball at all, Wells showed not only that he expects better from people but also that he's willing to take the time to convey that as eloquently as he can.  He didn't just ignore the jackass fans, treat them as a lost cause or a side effect of fame, or whatever.  He communicated with them, honestly and politely, in the hopes that he could win them over.  Lo and behold, it worked.  Amazing.

He demonstrated exactly the kind of class and character we should expect from all people, let alone athletes.  Treat fans like people, and they start acting like people.  Bravo.

Gotta love the trend of superstars utilizing their creativity and inventiveness for the purpose of fan relations, and coming up roses for having done so.  This is on a smaller scale than, say, Gilbert Arenas and Clinton Portis' antics, but the rule still stands.  No gimmicks, just real people not denying themselves their better instincts.  I love it.

(P.S. None of this would win over a Sox fan.  If A-Rod did this at Fenway, some old granny would run on the field and punch his balls anyway.  And if I were Wells, I'd have tossed up a baseball that read "I ate your mother's snatch, pecker-neck," and taped some of my pubes to it.  He's clearly a better man than I.)



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