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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Please Saw My Face Off Before The NBA Draft Does It For Me    

The Celts don't have a meaningful pick tomorrow night, but at least the draft will be intriguing.  Why?  Because some bad shit is gonna go down.  Over the next 48 hours, at least one of three disaster scenarios will happen to the Celtics:

  1. Danny Ainge will overpay for an established star (Jermaine O'Neal, Kevin Garnett, Shawn Marion), guaranteeing a Conference Finals ceiling until Paul Pierce's retirement
  2. Pierce will make his rumored trade demands official.
  3. Ainge will "pull a fast one" by drafting Yi Jianlian or Joakim Noah.

I'm not actually that worried about scenario #3, but it doesn't sound impossible, does it?  That a black-belt drafter like Ainge appears capable of such lunacy says loads about the Celts' situation.  He hasn't destroyed the team (per se) but he sure hasn't helped matters much.  It's tough to argue with the results.  These guys suck.

Ainge's idea was to stockpile assets, to build up a roster with tons of potential and trade that potential for veterans.  The plan was NOT to cash in the only asset who actually panned out (Al Jefferson).  We finally get a stud out of all those first-round picks, and now he's headed out of town?!?  The trades proposed kinda make sense, but they also kinda invalidate everything Ainge was doing.

Not that any trades are actually going to happen.  Seems that nobody wants to come to Boston!  I have no idea what the problem could be!  Seriously, there are very few viable explanations for the round of flat-out refusals: the dearth of endorsement deals for someone who's not on the Sox or Pats, and the thought of participating in a Doc Rivers joint.  That's all I got.

In short, the Celtics suck, they are screwed, and they are staying screwed.  Dammit.

It's a sad state of affairs when the Bruins are in better shape than your team.  The B's may be a mess right now, but at least there's no air of satisfaction to be heard from them.  You don't hear the Bruins' brass insisting their roster is actually just fine, thank you, and how there's nothing to do but stay the course.  They at least seem to know the score, which is more than we can say for Ainge and his bosses.  I halfway expect to see them unfurl a "Mission Accomplished" banner over Corey Brewer's head on Friday morning.


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