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Monday, July 02, 2007


ESPN's teaser on Bonds being voted into the All-Star Game begins:

"Despite a lackluster season and a cloud of suspicion handing over him, Barry Bonds found a home in the 78th All-Star Game."

Uh... cloud of suspicion sure, but lackluster season? Really? OK, he's had a little trouble staying in the lineup, but the man has hit 16 HRs already, and has the highest OPS of qualified players in the National League. If you break that down into its components, it's just as impressive, as he has an OBP of over.500 (1st in baseball) and a slugging percentage second in the National League only to Prince Fielder. If you include the AL, he's fourth behind A-Rod, Magglio, and Fielder.

So, anyway, for the billionth time, screw you ESPN. Mention the difficulty staying in the lineup if you want, but lackluster does not describe Bonds' 2007 one bit.


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