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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nationals Park More Built Than I'd Have Thought    

For stadium construction nerds, here's some pics documenting the progress of Nationals Park in scenic Southeast DC.  Gosh, the place sure looks like a million bucks.  So where's the other $610 million?  (Oh, that's right... it went here.)

But seriously folks, it's encouraging news to see that there will actually be a stadium.  And a pretty classy one at that.

From the incomplete photos shown above, the park appears to have more in common with Turner Field than any other park; it's round and non-angular, with the exception of those nifty Fenway-style foul-line "bumpers."  That likely means pitcher-friendly and   I do like the open left-field area, though those swingy construction thingies aren't much to look at.  And I like the scoreboard quite a bit.  I think it's the W that does it.  (This team is truly blessed when it comes to non-logoed initials, isn't it?  The curly W and the interlocking DC are both all-time classics for me.)

One thing I'm curious about is why they chose not to incorporate the river into the playing area.  The property abuts the mighty Anacostia, as the map here demonstrates, but the field of play faces directly away from the river.  With the Giants' stadium's super-cool bay opening in right field, where home run balls often drop, why not try that?  Oh... maybe they don't want people jumping into the Anacostia after baseballs.  For health reasons.  The Anacostia (in the District, anyway) is as much a river as Jason Giambi is a first baseman: in name only.

In conclusion, take note that one of the contracting partners in the construction is Smoot Construction.  I'm guessing they handled the two foul poles.  At the same time!  (Say goodnight, Gracie...)


  • I guarantee it's facing away from the river cause of the smell. Plus, the grandstand wall creates protection for the crowd from the HOST.

    By Blogger Alex, at 9:32 AM  

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