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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Massholes on Parade: Not a monopoly    

Yankee fans can be every bit as racist and myopic as our neighbors to the north!

Look, I love Paul O'Neill. He embodies much of my image of the late 90's team that forever will be the best sports experience of my life. It was when I recaptured my love of sports, forged my identity as an adult, and first got some. It was also when I rediscovered my connection with New York, a town I had left in 1992 as a sullen youth of 14, and was deeply conflicted by, but ultimately grew to love. During that time, Paul O'Neill was hailed as a classic "grinder", and definitely wouldn't be as famous had he played anywhere else, but still, he was a hell of a player. Not HOF worthy, but really good. And yes, I fully understand why fans of other teams hated his guts, but as a Yankee fan, his antics and fury were goddamn entertaining.

All of that said, the fans yelling racist shit at LaTroy Hawkins for having the gall to wear #21 in homage to Roberto Clemente can die in a fucking fire. And Paul ain't exactly helping: “What can I say? The fans have always been unbelievable to me there. I don’t really know how to explain it. It makes you feel good that the fans still think of you as wearing that number.” O'Neill regularly appears as a booth guy on YES broadcasts of games. I really, really hope he takes a moment to tell his fans to STFU, even if it's too late.

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