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Monday, September 22, 2008

Weapon X = soulja boy    

Last week, Brian Dawkins looked totally washed up. Utterly unable to cover any of Dallas' receivers, and just slow slow slow.
Yesterday, Dawkins made something of a statement, as he laid out, fully horizontal, at shoulder height, from a fucking standstill. He came down and tomahawk chopped Ben Rongrastname's hand into oblivion, knocking him out of the game, and recovering the fumble to seal the win.

That play epitomized Dawkins career - he's NEVER been that great a cover guy. No, he's best when turned loose to attack the shit out of the QB, or roam free in the secondary, ready to apply his particular brand of justice to an opponent.

And so I say, Free Weapon X. Let Groo do what Groo does best, and leave actually covering people to Lito, Sheldon, and Asante.

Also: Trent Cole is a bad, bad man who is going to kill someone soon.

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