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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mock Mock Mock    

The suspense is killing me.  I have no idea what the Celtics are gonna do tonight.  I can see all kinds of opportunities to draft better than their pick suggests... but whether that translates into an improved team, I don't know.  Unless we end up with a Brandon Roy (somehow) or a Randy Foye or Shelden Williams (i.e. a college "veteran") I can't see much difference being made without a trade.

Danny Ainge has plenty of trade options.  There are rumors of a Sebastian Telfair trade, but I would only do that if we know that the consensus top five (Bargnani, Roy, Morrison, Thomas, Aldridge) will be gone.  There are rumors of trading down to Chicago in exchange for Chris Duhon and the #16.  There are even rumors about AI coming to Boston.  All of these (except Telfair; more below) will net a better player for 2006-07 than the #7 pick will.

Still, I hope they hold off on any trade until they're on the board.  If a slider's still there (Roy, Ty Thomas, Bargnani) it might be silly to give up that guy for a band-aid point guard.  Not that they should definitely keep the pick, even if someone slides; I'm just saying the move can be either smart or stupid based solely on who's available.  that in a draft this wacky, the prudent move is to follow Ricky Roma's advice... "don't ever open your mouth, until you know what the shot is.  You fucking child."  In other words, don't do shit until you know where you stand.

Personally, if they're gonna make a trade, I'd just assume pull the trigger on Duhon.  He's a vet now, and a seasoned player in general.  Duhon can run the point and shoot outside, which gives him an edge over both Telfair and incumbent point guard Delonte West, who can only do one of those two crucial tasks.  (Huh?  Defend the position?  What???)  His ceiling is lower than both West's and Telfair's, but we need reliability at the position right now.  So I see Duhon as the primary option.

The AI trade is a disaster in waiting.  I love AI, but I love him a lot as someone else's problem, not mine.

I particularly dislike the Telfair idea.  Intriguing, but a bad, bad, bad idea.  What role does Telfair fill that Delonte West doesn't?  Ideally you want a reliable veteran guy as the counterpoint to the youngster... you let the veteran run things until the kid proves he can play.  But if both your points are projects, that doesn't work.  Telfair can't be used as insurance against Delonte failing... what if Telfair sucks too?  Then you've got nothing.  Furthermore, they have to compete with each other for attention and opportunities.  Again, that does nothing for us.  That's why the Telfair trade does absolutely nothing for the Celtics as a whole.

Anyway, here's what I see:

TOR: Bargnani
CHI: Thomas
CHA: Morrison
POR: Aldridge
ATL: Shelden Williams
MIN: Brandon Roy
HOU: Randy Foye


  • Well, so much for what I think. At least I can do something else with my Wednesday night.

    Given DA's success with other trades that looked stupid at first glance, I will give him the benefit of the doubt. It does make the Celtics interesting, at the very least. And there's no doubt that Telfair is talented.

    I still stand by my original assessment... making this trade before seeing who dropped to 7 is not how I would have done it. But I do trust Danny now, particularly his draft-day instincts, and if he sees nothing but pigs, and he wants out of the #7 spot, then I'm OK with it.

    By Blogger Jeff, at 5:30 PM  

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