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Monday, October 02, 2006

Predictions? This is a Dodge, Yo.    

Quick, ridiculous playoff predictions for the postseason:

Oakland at Minnesota – Minnesota in 5 games (obligatory).
Detroit at New York Yankees – Los Junkees of New Jork, New Jork in 4 (Unit loses to the Gambler in game 3).

St. Louis at San Diego – San Diego in 4.
LA at New York Mets – LA wins in 5 (due to Maddux outdueling Glavine in maybe the coolest matchup ever, and Grady Little outfoxing himself in game 5).

Round 2:
Los Jankees over Minnesota in 7
LA over San Diego in 5

World Series of the World:
Jankee Spankees over LA in 5.


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