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Monday, November 20, 2006

Drunken Sailor Update    


The big winners here are the Phillies, who avoided a cripplingly disastrous potential mistake here, courtesy of the the Cubbies. God bless the Cubbies.

$17 million/year x 8 years???!!!

That's completely and utterly insane.

More insane than giving Utilityman Mark DeRosa $13M? Maybe not, but the Mark DeBacle will only be haunting them for the rest of the decade, not into the 2010's.

In fact, I pretty much hate every one of their moves this offseason.

Aramis is ok I guess, but $15M/year seems a little high for my tastes. But hey, he's your best player... pay him like it and market your whole team around him, right? Or, turn around and bring in a clubhouse poison guy who only gives 100% during a contract year, for 8 years. Yeah, that'll work.

The Kerry Wood signing is fine, low-risk, big (if long-shot) upside. The Neal Cotts trade licks balls, beacause Cotts, in fact, licks balls.

In short, BOOOOOO Jim Henry.


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