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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Jose Vidro?    


Edit: No longer drunk and depressed, I just hate (as opposed to hate hate hate) the way the Mariners are run. Maybe this is part of some master plan, but I sincerely doubt it.

Edit II: The more I think about this the more I think it's not just terrible, it's actually interesting. Because of this paper I'm about to start writing, I'm thinking a lot about the notion of risk right now, what it means to people, how people perceive it, how people respond to it. Maybe that's not actually necessary to explain why I'm thinking about perceptions of risk in this situation, because it's so obviously a big part of baseball considerations, especially where prospects are concerned, but anyway...

Bavasi & Co. just traded the risk of Snelling giving them nothing because injury or not really being an "MLB hitter," for the risk of further decline from Jose Vidro. Probably, right or wrong, they thought Fruto was relatively worthless. From their perspective, that was smart. From the perspective of most everyone else, that was a stupid calculation of the risks actually involved, a failure to think about risk correctly. This team still has an OK shot at being good, but in order to improve it will either have to get really lucky, or it will have to understand and respond to risk better. This is as much or more an organizational issue than a Bavasi issue. It's a really good thing this team has such a good young core. Without Felix, Lopez, Betancourt, and Jones, we would be the Baltimore Orioles.

I would however, like to thank whoever it was who posted this image for helping me gain a little bit of perspective:

It's no great comfort, but it is just a game, maybe one I can start to take a little less seriously.

That, however, does not make this trade any less stupid. My favorite USS Mariner quote on the subject so far sums it up pretty nicely:

"Yup. In general, the Nationals blogs are dancing a jig, as well as our AL West opponents. I’m not saying that consensus is the truth, or that many blogs should be considered to constitute authority, but if all your enemies get together to dance on a grave and sing with joy, well, you might be dead."

We're not dead. But we will be paying the combination of Sexson, Washburn, Batista, and Vidro about $37 million in 2008 for what is likely to be total mediocrity. Yay!



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