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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Insert Pirate Joke    

One of the common criticisms of MLB's Extra Innings Package is that it alternates between teams' broadcasts, so that, say, during a given Sox/Yanks series, a Sox fan might be forced to watch Yes Network's broadcast, instead of being able to choose their preferred NESN team.

While I understand this criticism, I find the alternating broadcast format fun, because it allows me not only a break from the usual suspects, but also allows me to check out the announcing teams from around the league. I get to see how other teams market themselves, through their broadcasters and through the commercials for the teams, promotions, ticket plans, etc. For example, while the Yankees have the understated and abstract slogan, "Pride, Power, Pinstripes", that capitalizes on the hypersaturization of the market by their classic uniform, the Devil Rays were a year or two ago marketing themselves with a slogan like "We come to play" which conjures images of little kids, in it for the love of the game, and dispelling notions that quality is measured purely in wins.

But that's all beside my main point. The biggest reason that I like the alternating broadcast format on Extra Innings is that I get to check out the local commercials from across the country. Every city has their beloved and hilarious local ads, such as Jeff Garcia's hilariously closeted "Is Barbera the Best?" ads.

Ah, but the Minnesota Twins have them all topped. Behold, the power of MENARDS.
This contest is over- give that man the $10,000.

And today, I got a surprise in the mail. Say hello to my little friend!



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