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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Other Stuff Goin' On    

They aren't playing all that well.  They really aren't.  Sunday's game against the O's is proof of that; Jeremy Guthrie made them look like the Royals.

And yet they're the best team in baseball because of pitching.  Their rotation has been so strong, and their bullpen hasn't laid any turds lately.  The offense scores in fits and starts, but it doesn't matter because they can win 4-2 games.

The blisters on Josh Beckett's finger could not have come at a worse time, of course, but this is really the first misfortune the team has suffered all season.  This would be a perfect opportunity for him to get derailed, unfortunately... let's hope that doesn't happen.

What else... hmmm....

* I love Alex Cora, but I also like the platoon-ish split between him and Dustin Pedroia.  I'm not seeing the urgent need to pick one or the other.  Let 'em both play.

* Definitely need to beef up the pen.  Mike Timlin's ailing, and Joel Piniero's a mess until he starts blowing people away left and right.  They've been lucky that Brendan Donnelly, J.C. Romero and Hideki Okajima have done so well; I don't expect all three of them to keep this up, especially Okajima.

* Wily Mo Pena needs to be traded.  I still like him as a prospect but I feel awful that the Sox are flattening his career.  How's he supposed to develop when he plays once a week (out of position, no less)?  Ship him out to a shitty team for a reliable reliever.  Colorado... Kansas City... Washington... St. Louis... I don't much care.  I'm just so tired of the guilt.

The games have been outstanding.  Anaheim and Detroit, a rare best-against-second-best matchup, should have one hell of an exciting finish.

But I'm depressed about my Sabres.  I won't bury them quite yet, but boy, they are out of gas.  It's sad seeing them lose so convincingly to an evil, dirty team like Ottawa.  What a mismatch.  It's a lot like the Suns/Spurs situation, except the Suns are actually fighting back, whereas the Sabres are lying down.

Too bad for the Sabres fans.  This was their year.  Next time around, Buffalo may be without Daniel Briere and Chris Drury.  Who'll bail them out with 5 seconds left?  Never mind the rising Pittsburgh juggernaut.  Looking grim for Buffalo...



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