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Friday, May 11, 2007

The Unfriday Unfunny    

So I read this, and thought "huh, that's kind of out there, even for the Dugout.  Poor Rick Dempsey, gettin' picked on by those guys."

Then I read this, and thought, "Wow.  It's all true.  This is like the Giles Brothers thing, except really really bad."

I basically have two thoughts on the matter:

1) The joke wasn't nearly as stupid as the decision to make husband-beating jokes then.  With Mrs. Gibbons on the air.  It's all about timing, and that was not the time.  Chuck Finley sure didn't laugh.

2) Now, see that?  THAT was a good place for a domestic violence joke.  For you see I am on the Internet where you can do anything!  I am not currently BROADCASTING A FUCKING BASEBALL GAME.

OK, so it was really just one thought.  I just wanted to remind everyone to look over your shoulders, just in case Tawny Kitaen Finley is coming after you with a frying pan, calling you "Chuck" for some unknown reason.

The More You Know...

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