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Monday, August 13, 2007


Not much to say about this. I guess we just have to hope Stern steps in and mandates some kind of solution to keep the Sonics in Seattle. We'll see.

On the plus side, Jeff Weaver pitched a second complete game shutout yesterday, even if it was only against the White Sox. So, that's pretty nice.

But really, the Sonics belong in Seattle. This wouldn't be one of the worst franchise moves we've seen, but it's pretty bad. The Seattle area, however, is still very pissed about all the taxes it paid for Safeco (taxes that we voted down). It is highly unlikely that we will be willing to build a whole new arena that will satisfy owners that are looking for any excuse to move the team. Without some kind of intervention by Stern, I think they'll be gone.

There are rumors about Christine Gregoire getting involved in talks again... who knows? I'm not getting my hopes up. But someone should step in and fix this situation.


  • the real nugget of joy for me in that first link was this HORSESHIT:

    "We know it's a little more difficult financially here in Oklahoma City, but we think it's great for the community and if we could break even, we'd be thrilled."

    By Blogger Alex, at 12:39 PM  

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