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Friday, September 28, 2007

First LOL-Free Post In Like Three Weeks    

Must... resist... urge... to make... lolrockies...

American League

AL East
Nothing's happened to change my mind here. Sox are still the better team, especially now that Manny is not just healthy but hot. They'll take the two games they need to win all by themselves, regardless of what the Yankees do.

AL home-field
I bet the Sox will pull this one out too. I'm not impressed by the Indians; I feel like they've peaked.

But if not, whatever. I'm not worried about who the Sox play. I'd kinda like the Yankees to play the Angels, but that looks unlikely w/o the Yankees taking the division. Which won't happen. So it's moot.

National League
What a weekend. Phils finally grab first place... Rocks surge towards the top of an entirely winnable division... Cubs refuse to snag the even more winnable Central... it should make for amazing viewing today and tomorrow.

They look dead. And Pedro didn't pull out a win yesterday, not that he pitched all that badly.

But weirder turnarounds have happened. People don't remember that the 2005 White Sox nearly blew their insurmountable lead over Cleveland, and only narrowly escaped with the Central title prior to their total domination of the playoffs.

Could this finally be the year where a good team makes the NL playoffs??? Let's hope so. Gotta love this team.

A Whale's Vagina
The Padres don't look so good. That cockgobbling umpire pretty much fucked them over. They're staying afloat, but I don't see them sweeping the Brewers, bad as Milwaukee has been, which is what they need to do to hold onto that wild card.

Nobody's paid much attention to them, but they're probably the best team in the NL right now, albeit by default. I bet they end up winning the pennant, if only because they're the least expected, least known, and least sexy.

I don't have much faith in the Rockies taking all three games from the D-Backs, especially not against Brandon Webb tonight. I'll still be rooting my ass off for them, but I don't see them winning 14 in a row to close out the season and earn a spot. (As with the Pads, I think they need to sweep.)

Brew Crew
Milwaukee sucks too much to take the division. Makes me sad, but they've blown it quite thoroughly. More disappointing than the Mets collapse, which is really just the Mets making up for how much they should have sucked (but didn't) back in April and May

I'm amazed the Cubs are the team that survived the Central. That approach to roster building should not have worked. But I like the Cubs as a franchise, so good for them. I'd be OK with them making the World Series for once.

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  • Amazing- I agree 100% with your points.

    Yankee note - i am TERRIFIED of Anaheim. Am very glad to be playing Cleveland, 1997 notwithstanding. Wright's not walking through that door!

    Philly note - you GOTTA love this team! Was out at a favorite bar last night for their tremendous win, where Myers tried his damndest to blow the game, only his defense wouldn't let him. Riveting stuff. The bar was pretty packed, and everyone was paying attention, but in that "I'm afraid if I watch too closely they'll blow it AGAIN" mindset. Strange stuff. Philly's been annually screwed so many times that the fans are legitimately scarred. This town needs an enema!

    Or better yet, a championship.

    On the cubbies - I hope they make it, if only because fuck the brewers, and also cause I agree that that is no way to build a team. I feel like we could discuss the bizarre makeup of their roster for hours and hours. Plus, then we get to laugh at Chicago fans crying in the streets when they lose in the first round.

    By Blogger Alex, at 2:04 PM  

  • oh, and the City Paper is positively EVIL for running this in yesterday's edition:

    By Blogger Alex, at 2:08 PM  

  • Aw, fucking Christ. Well then. Mets take the East by 3 games.

    The great thing about the NL is that you can't really write off any of these teams. I mean, I'd be surprised by a Brewer sweep and Cub collapse... or a Rockies sweep and D-Backs collapse... but not, like, STUNNED. Any of those seven teams could win the pennant. Each of the seven is a better team than the shitball Cardinals were last year.

    By Blogger Jeff, at 2:24 PM  

  • The Mets' collapse, should it occur, will be 2nd worst EVAR:

    By Blogger rusch, at 3:03 PM  

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