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Monday, September 17, 2007

My New First-Ever Favorite Yankee    

Shelley Duncan signed "Red Sox Suck!" in a 10-year-old kid's autograph book.

Boy, do I love that.  Duncan may be joking, but even thinking to invert the "Yankees Suck!" thing in jest lends credence to the current (i.e. inverted) state of the traditional Yankees-Sox relationship.  The Yankee rookies' introduction to Sox fans isn't the same as it would have been for past can't-miss Yankee prospects, like Ricky Ledee and Shane Spencer.  They are the hunters, not the hunted.  They look like they take this shit seriously.

And not just seriously, but personally too.  Anyone else see how future fat-camper Joba Chamberlain reacted to Jeet's HR last night?  Joba was one pumped-up meathead.  I thought he was gonna celebrate by eating Brian Bruney's leg.  Actually, he looked like he'd just won the World Series... or, even better, had found out a Golden Corral had opened in Midtown.

(Settle down, Roger, I'm joking.  There's no Golden Corrals in NYC.  And no, I'm not gonna eat my fat.)

Anyway, just pointing out more evidence that a new era in the oh-so-young "rivalry" between the two teams has begun.  I'll put "Shelley Duncan buys in" right next to "AL East race all over with two weeks to spare."


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