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Friday, September 07, 2007

Ellsbury: Postseason Eligible?    

Good post by Amalie Benjamin concerning postseason roster machinations pertaining to injury replacements, clarifying a bunch of stuff that I wasn't clear on.

I had thought that the playoff roster would include anyone on the roster as of 8/31, when in fact players on the DL not only count towards that eligibility, but can be replaced by anybody they like.  So if, say, Brendan Donnelly can't miraculously return from his season-ending injury, the Sox can say "OK chums, time to pop a .400 hitter named Jacoby Ellsbury up your poop chutes.  Prepare to receive KING SHIT."

That's the only way Ellsbury could get in, but neither Donnelly nor Matt Clement will be joining us again in 2007, so there's definitely an opening.  And given that he's the only Sox player capable of playing the Dave Roberts role, why wouldn't they take him?  (The equally impressive and worthy Clay Buchholz would demand a similar maneuver.)


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