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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Patriots Aren't Just Cheating On The Field    

The NFL is shocked -- shocked! -- to discover cheating in this establishment.  And now that the Jets have come forward, everyone else is lining up to join in.

For the purpose of this post, I am assuming the allegations are true.  There's nothing surprising about the (alleged) fact that the Pats cheated, based on some of the scummy way they seem to handle their private business.  And if there were any other reason for the cameras, they'd have made that reason public, wouldn't they?  So I'm going with Guilty.

And furthermore, if true, the Pats are entirely in the wrong and should have their asses penetrated by the league as severely as possible for pulling this crap.  Leave the cheating on the field where it belongs.

The surprising part is that the Pats cheated so transparently.  Bill Belichick has shown himself on numerous occasions to be not only scruples-deficient but extremely paranoid.  So they didn't even try to hide their acts of espionage?  Even after being caught in the act several times?  I'm almost disappointed in them more for failing so spectacularly than for cheating in the first place.  Kinda like how the worst part of Rodney Harrison's suspension is that we go from seeing Harrison as a wily veteran to thinking he's a friggin moron who didn't see any danger in using his real address for receiving his illegal HGH shipment.

This whole mess raises a bunch of questions:

* Why would they need a field-level camera?  Why not set something up in a less obvious location?  Thousands of perverts worldwide can afford spy cameras, but the New England Patriots can't?

* Are these teams objecting to the theft of signs, or to the cheapness of using video?  It's not as if this means the Pats are the only team stealing signs... they're just the only ones arrogant enough to do so in such a blatant manner.

* Where does Shawne Merriman of all people get off?  This is the most galling part: now they have steroid convicts lecturing them about cheating.

* How much of the Patriots' road success can be chalked up to having stolen signs?  Four teams have accused the Pats, and all four suffered uncompetitive blowouts.  Hmmm.

* The rumored punishment is that the Pats will forfeit a draft pick.  Shouldn't they forfeit the games?  This is one thing the NCAA has absolutely right: if you "cheat," you give back all the wins you chalked up as a result of "cheating."  (I use quotes b/c the definition of cheating is what the NCAA has so spectacularly wrong.)  What good does a draft pick do the Jets right now?

* Why would one of the few legitimate geniuses in football, with the most stacked roster on the planet, resort to these kinds of tricks?


  • in answer to your question:
    Same as why a player would have HGH delivered to the front door of his own house, or bury dogs in the back yard. For many of them, they've gotten away with shit their whole lives, and due to what people get from them (revenue, happiness, pride), and they feel they're invincible. Normally I apply this to players mainly, but I think it applies 100% to Belichick.

    By Blogger Alex, at 4:48 PM  

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