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Tuesday, December 04, 2007



* I feel as if the Pats just won a playoff game. What an ending. I'm still wired. I think I got shin splints from jumping in the air so much after the two-minute warning.

* I'm also terrified that they're going to lose. Clearly that's relative (how terrified can you be at 12-0) but they've dropped two turdbuckets in a row and now face a team that's actually playing well. If this defense can't stop Kyle Boller and Willis McGahee, what will they do against good players like the Steelers have??? Oh noes...

* The Ravens have little to be ashamed of. (Bart Scott kinda does, but the damage had been done by then.) If I were them, I'd feel cheated... by my coaches. They did their jobs, and then Rex Ryan got cute with the timeouts. It's hard enough to beat the Pats when it's just the refs handing them the game... they don't need any help from the coaches.

(Two gamesmanship timeouts cost two teams their games on the same weekend. That's nuts.)

* Patriots WRs and TEs... this one was on you. Get your heads (and hands) out of your asses, please. Thank you.

* I had zero respect for Brian Billick this morning. But tonight, I have five respects for him. (Hopefully this video will survive the night...)

* In conclusion, have a totally off-topic nugget of joy!

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