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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Redskins Mediocrity: Explained With Video    

In the wake of Sean Taylor's death, people have been loath to discuss the elephant in the room: the Redskins have had yet another shitty year. As always, a promising offseason and high fan expectations explode into mediocrity and disappointment. Worst of all, the coaching staff doesn't seem to be doing their team any favors. That doesn't seem as important now, but the fact is that they've underachieved yet again.

Nothing illustrates the sadness of their situation better than the following video, sent to me a few months ago by Kelvin. It's so prescient, one can only be terrified by the subtitler's ability to see into the future, and predict that the Redskins would be bad.

This year will be different!

You say that every year!

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