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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Rajon Rondo Done Gone Made Us Up A Poster    

Witness THIS:

That makes two ridiculous 10-points-out-of-10 slams for Rajon Rondo in two weeks, the other being this nasty MFer right here:

If you think Sam Cassell is challenging THIS guy for the starting job, forget about it.

Rondo's not the de facto starter. Nor has he been at any time this season. He's the STARTER, and he's earned it. He's as much a reason for the team's success (and aesthetic pleasure) as anyone.

Dude's a menace. He's an excellent defender. He's as good as anyone on the team at creating his own offense. And watch the organization of this team when Rondo's on the court, versus when the otherwise-capable pair of Eddie House and Tony Allen run the show. Night and day.

The moment is coming when it won't be the Big Three anymore.

On a different topic, I love the Cassell move. It puts the C's over the top, making them the prohibitive favorite in the East as opposed to the favorite with contingencies. Celtic opponents can only put together runs when Rondo's off the court, just because the offense is so disorganized and amateurish in his absence. Cassell solves that problem the instant he steps into his uniform.

I sure hope this doesn't happen again in practice:

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