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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Time For A Post About Something Besides Massholes    

FJM's ongoing series on senile moron Lowell Cohn has been off-the-charts fabulous.

After Dusty Baker left, Sabean hired Felipe Alou, who was too old, a guy the players couldn't stand. And now he has Bruce Bochy, who's shown no aptitude to rebuild a team that desperately needs rebuilding.

Strike strike strike strike strike strike strike. We're playing the "Strikes Against Brian Sabean in an Article Supporting Brian Sabean" Drinking Game, and everyone here has died of alcohol poisoning, had their ghosts rise from the dead and resume playing the game, and then had their ghosts die of alcohol poisoning.

So, what's the West Coast equivalent of a Masshole? Westtard? Pacifuck?

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