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Monday, May 22, 2006

Horn-O-Plenty Of Thoughts    

1) Oilers bandwagon coming through.  Drip drip drip, oil on you, gonna oil on you... sssss on you, sssss on you!  Make no mistake, Edmonton is on a mission.  The sooner you assimilate, the better off we'll all be after they dominate the world.  If they advance to face Carolina, I'd mark Edmonton as the favorites, just because Roloson > Ward.  I'm not so sure about Roloson > Ryan Miller though.  And I kinda like how Buffalo is assembled.  Anyway, go Oilers.

2) Who's in first place?  Ohhhhh that's right I forgot.

3) Anyone else get the sense that the Cavaliers' bench just sealed LeBron's departure via free agency?  They did everything in their power to convince him to turn down the Cavs' max extension.  Why turn down the NYC endorsement deals when this is what you've been surrounded with?  Choke-artists like Damon Jones and Drew Gooden?  I think he needed to get some idea that it wouldn't be all about LeBron in the playoffs; he didn't get it.  Cavs folks are optimistic about things after having won a playoff series, but he's spending this offseason ruminating on a Game 7 where his teammates shot something like 20%.  That's the impression he'll leave with.  He's gone.

4) After two months of pitch-by-pitch updates of Barry Bonds' at-bats on ESPN, it appears that he hit #714 during Fox's exclusive-rights window on Saturday.  I cannot confirm that ESPN didn't swing a deal to show live cut-ins anyway... but if they did fail to show that moment live, then I am a happy, happy boy.  In fact, I'd be OK with stringing this Barry soap opera out a few more weeks if it means that #715 ends up on Fox as well.

5) I've got Spurs and Suns tonight.  Clippers have a better shot at winning than the Mavs IMO.

Looks like all that "NBA Is Teh Exciting" talk was a little premature, given that the sources of excitement (LeBron, Kobe, Mavs, Clippers, Suns) are either eliminated or on the brink.  That bubble burst as soon as Simmons wrote about it.  It would be a shame if the Finals ended up Spurs/Pistons after all, but it kinda looks that way from here.  Der Fuhrer should be pissing his panties over the prospect of all his marketable upstarts (Mavs, Suns, Heat, Cavs, Clippers) coming this far, only to get stomped by the least likable, least marketable, lowest rated, and most hated teams.  The NBA needs surprises more than it needs this defense-wins-championships horseshit.

Maybe the NBA should look at what happened in the NHL this season.  Gary "Fuhrer Jr." Bettman mandated that any and every ticky-tack penalty be called, regardless of context.  For the most part, it has happened: penalties are called in OT, goals are scored, games are decided.  And the players have adjusted to it.  Why can't this happen in the NBA?  If you give the refs permission to decide games based on fouls, you will hear that whistle just as often as you should.  Absolve them of responsibility, and watch the well-oiled machines (Suns, Mavs) take control of the league.

6) Would Wizards fans ever get behind a "We're Mentally Wizarded" PR campaign?  I guess not, but a guy can dream.


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