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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Classic Carl Everett    

The Seattle Times reports that Jurassic Carl is upset with his playing time! The incident in question involves being pinch hit for by Eduardo Perez late in yesterday’s blowout. That’s right, in a blowout, Eduardo Perez was used for the exact purpose he was traded for! The Mariners might still have a winning record if he’d been used in similar situations that actually matter.

This quote is particularly outstanding:

"Why am I the only player being messed with?"

Because you’re washed-up switch hitter who hasn’t been able to hit lefties in years! And what’s more, you’re not the only player. Reed, who until fairly recently appeared to have potential to improve, has been platooned with Willie Bloomquist to ensure he never gets at bats against lefties. In retrospect it looks like a smart decision, because Reed is 0-22 I think against lefties this year, but no smarter than DFA’ing your ass. I hope your outburst gets you fired, but I know better. Please just leave this team alone.


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