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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Quick Trade Rumor Roundup    

Wily Mo Pena for pitching
I'd be sad about this, mostly because I salivate at the prospect of three gargantuan Dominicans knocking out 35-40 HR annually for the Sox. Picking up a stopgap starter (this guy's just gonna hold the fort for this year; Prospect X will take his job in '07) makes little sense to me. But if it ends up happening, so be it... depending on who the Sox end up with.

Mike Lowell for Jake Peavy?!?
Huh? The Pads would be nuts to do this, and it opens a gaping hole in the Sox' lineup. This trade only makes sense in fantasy. (I'd elaborate, but we all know what Rule #1 of Postgame Spread is.)

Prospects for Dontrelle Willis
You mean the Sox' rotation would be Schilling/Willis/Beckett/Lester/Wakefield, with Matt Clement and David Wells getting fed to Brick Top's wild pigs, and a stable of 25-y.o. fireballers in the bullpen? Any way I can donate a nut or two to make this happen?


  • The Padres trade would be absolutely nuts. Another rumor has Beltre to the Padres without the Mariners paying for any of his salary, so I'm guessing that they're desperate about their 3B situation. But Peavy? He's the best part about the Padres.

    Has Mo Peña's defense improved? As I recall, he was remarkably awful for a time. His lefty/righty splits are pretty gaping this year, though they didn't used to be so strong. But if he's going to end up being a platoon player, getting pitching for him wouldn't be so bad.

    Stat folks seem to be a little nervous about Dontrelle, K rates declining every year for the past three, or something like that. Obviously, he's awesome, and he'd certainly fit the joker mold well enough. But the Marlins might end up getting the better end of it if he is eventually traded.

    By Blogger Jesse, at 5:26 PM  

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